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Highland Psychological Services offers telehealth and phone sessions to every client

Many of us are practicing social – distancing or may even be quarantined.  This can be a time of high-stress and as we understand the importance of mental health services in times like this.  We are all neighbors in Seattle and want to help each other and keep one another safe.  Right now telehealth is a great way to continue therapy while still working to contain the Coronavirus.

Mindful Self-Care

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While Seattle, the United States and the world are grappling with the Coronavirus it is understandable that you may be feeling anxiety.  You may also be feeling panic, or helplessness or fear.  All emotions are good and can help us cope with day to day life.  But suffering extreme emotions related to the Corona virus can paralyze your life.  We want to help you understand the current situation and be prepared for any changing events, but also provide you a safe space to work through your emotions surrounding the Corona virus.

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