LGBTQ+ Therapy

We get it:  every variety of queerness gives life a unique texture and flavor.  Everyone at Highland has experience with the realities of sexuality and gender-variance, most personally and all professionally.   Our Clinical Director, Dr. Morgan, provides services with Kaiser Permanente’s Gender Care program.  While attitudes and laws are changing rapidly, there is huge diversity in these across families and jobs and communities.  Having someone to talk to about the process of transitions in identity and presentation can provide the reliable caring attention that can be hard to get from friends and family. This is also true for family members and others who care about LGTBQ+ individuals.  We can help you harness your strengths of questioning the status quo and self-awareness to craft a life that is rooted in wellness.


We are Committed to Your Well being

A good therapist wants to understand all the pieces of what you are experiencing and will ask questions which encourage you to know yourself better

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