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Individual Therapy

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We get it:  life has always been complicated, but this is ridiculous.  Personal mental health takes courage and a commitment to lifelong learning. No one comes to the profession of therapist unscathed; doing our own personal work through therapy means we understand how it feels from the inside. The only thing that never changes is that everything is always changing, so learning to be resilient and to trust yourself to be able to handle whatever comes your way is essential to well-being.  Some mental health challenges have primarily biological causes, all involve mind, body, emotions and spirit. Having someone to talk to who has depth and breadth of experience with life and who is willing to know whatever you want to share can help you share parts of yourself that you usually keep to yourself. We can help you harness your strengths, whatever they are, to make the changes you want.

A Life of Meaning Starts with Knowing Yourself

Understand What Matters To You


We get it.  Love and intimacy and commitment and building shared homes and families makes the world go around. And it feels so good, except when it doesn’t.  Humans are hard-wired to connect with others, and our brains and bodies read rejection and abandonment as threats to survival, which makes being logical and rational really hard when we want to create the best loving partnerships that work all of the time. Add in kids and work and and and and and.  We can help get some airflow and light into the snarls.  We’ll use your skills of teamwork and mutual caring to find some ground to stand on.



Group Therapy Session

We get it.  Interacting with humans is wild!  We are a wacky and unpredictable lot. And all those pesky feelings that can be so baffling and disorienting. And yet, here we all are, giving it our best shot every day to get along and take care of business.  There is no doubt that we are always doing the best that we can, it just isn’t very good sometimes.  A support or therapy group creates an opportunity to practice interacting in ways that lead to clear communication.  Trying out being seen and known by people who don’t already have ideas about who you are removes one layer of the anxiety that makes this hard, and lets you practice seeing and understanding others as well. There are different types of groups, some structured and some more informal, that have different ways of working.  Getting feedback from a one on one therapist can be super helpful, and there are times when taking the skills into the lab of a group can help transition these skills on into the rest of your life.



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